The Child-Rape Assembly Line

Preying Rabbis

Preying Rabbis

This story will disgust you and that is the point of it . This is more common than any of you know. It is rampant in the Jewish, Christian and Muslim religions and is used to blackmail the elite and control our very world.

It produces scared little boys who turn into either subservient slaves to the money mill or join their clan and become sexual deviants, just like their abusers. To commit this act, to them, is to commit a holy act. It is proving your Godly power and worldly possessions. To them these children are possessions, not humans. They are a holy man’s right and reward for being God’s right hand man.

To rape a child in the name of holiness is the lowest form of hypocrisy and the most inhumane act I can think of. I would rather them kill the child than subject them to this type of horrific torture. It is not sex, it is torture and pain purposely inflicted by one who has no regard for human life in any sense of the word. They do it because they can and know they can get away with it.

It is the mot powerful weapon in their arsenal of politics and war. It is their ally in business and finance. Child trafficking is the main cog in this monstrous machine of perversion and death. Stop these atrocious acts of sadism in places of worship, stop the CIA protected worldwide child trafficking mafia and the whole machine stops. All of it; financial, corporate and the media.

The very fact these criminals are protected at every step of our judicial systems and political establishments should prove to every one of us that this is indeed a worldwide problem with a central core of leadership, and carried out by other various individuals within our systems of justice, finances, medical fields and especially the media. The media that refuses to report it, and even when they do report it, they sweep it under the rug as if the victim is a lying psychopath. They are the psychopaths, They are the conniving bastards who have ruined our planet and our lives. We need to stop them. And we will.


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