55 Unmarked Graves at former Dozier Boys Home, Marianna Florida

55 bodies in unmarked graves found at Dozier School for Boys in Marianna. There is also a State Prison and a Juvenile Detention Center in this small Florida town. The school for boys was finally closed in 2011, due to rumors of abuse and neglect. It must have been the 50th time they were accused of this crime against children.

Most would think that girls are more susceptible to this type of quasi-legal kidnapping and rape, but this is not the case. It is estimated that boys are up to 9 times more likely to be kidnapped, raped and murdered by a sexual predator or institutional parasite than girls. We do hear more about the sweet little girls, but only about the pretty ones. The Jon Benet Ramsey type. Blond haired, blue eyed dolls who wind up dead in the night. Their faces plastered across every TV screen and billboard. We are so concerned with protecting little girls, that we have turned our eyes away from the boys. Leaving them to be quietly and meticulously stolen from our hands and led off into a life of pain and suffering. We barely hear anything about any missing children unless the above criteria are met.

These young boys were forgotten boys. Forgotten by their parents, forgotten by their rescuers and forgotten by society as a whole. They go into these homes and rarely come out alive. And if they do, it is to meet a high profile elite, hell bent on taking out his frustrations and fantasies on some unsuspecting innocent child. Who will ask? Who will tell? Who will save them? Who will know? They have no family to look after them or to miss them when they disappear into one of these unmarked graves. May their tiny tortured souls rest in peace.

The researchers hope to find 42 more families. They have published a list of those families, which can be found here http://news.usf.edu/article/articlefiles/5997-Dozier%20family%20chart.pdf. Anyone with information is asked to call HCSO Master Detective Greg Thomas at 813-247-8678.

Researchers said they will continue to search for additional unmarked graves on the school grounds.

USF researchers find 55 bodies at Dozier School for Boys.



2 thoughts on “55 Unmarked Graves at former Dozier Boys Home, Marianna Florida

  1. I know all those boys are with our father now,. Now all these responsible so called adults need to be publicly shamed and publicly
    hanged with full media attention, Of course we know that will never happen, will never here any more, life in prison with a lot new friends will have to do, most people in prison have some morals.


    • Thank you for your comment Mark; I agree with you. It is a shame. This is why I have started my blog. To make people aware of this huge problem. The more people know about these crimes, the harder it will be for them to commit these crimes. Obviously the justice system will not solve the problem. It is up to us to do that.


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